What is the difference between us and corporate dental centers?

Corporate dental centers are based on meeting the needs of the shareholders, not the needs of the Patients. They spend millions of dollars every month on advertising – and pass those costs on to you. They have multiple Dentists that all earn a share of the revenue – and pass these costs on to you. Everyone is paid based on a commission (how many Patients they can get in the door), and this can lead to “high pressure tactics”, in an effort to meet monthly quotas. If you have been to one you will know, chances are you never saw a Dentist before you were asked about your finances. That is your “Free Consultation”.

We truly care for our Patients, our reputation is built on going above and beyond to insure your satisfaction, health and well-being. There is nowhere to “pass the buck’ in our offices, we answer only to one person; YOU, Best of all WE GIVE YOU A PERMANENT BRIDGE WITH TITANIUM FRAMEWORK IN JUST 1 VISIT – NO OTHER FACILITY IN THE WORLD HAS THIS CAPABILITY!

When you compare our experience, technology, customer service, and dedication to you, it’s easy to see why we are the Clear Choice for any Full-Mouth Procedure.

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