Read the rebuttal to a Fake Complaint

Fake Complaint

A patient bought to our attention the fake complaint below:

i went there a couple of years ago, and i was impressed by the marketing , and flyed all the way to see this dr. golpa, now i disagree and i am totally against his false advertising, now they need to remove all the implants, and i have an extense infection, i will need to go back to dentures, due to the poor quality materials he used on me, i am really anoyed, and also i would like to know whay he sells like its going to be a great solution, and does not says, that if he sells nobel, now he works with other companies, i have infectional the way to the sinuses, and my life is destroyed, i am really pissed off, and all that show he has around placing implants as regular implants from nobel, he uses almost minimplants, from a different company.

Review about: Fraud Doctor.

I didn’t like: Total fraud clinic.

The complaint can be found here: CLICK HERE

Our Response

So we thought we would share our response:

Let’s summarily break-down this obviously false review;

Firstly, you are posting as an “anonymous” user from Alberta, Canada. If you had any true grievance you would be posting so that the company could reach you to solve any situation.

Next, your post was in November 2016, and further down in the false review you state you visited “a couple of years ago”, and go on further to utter some gibberish about Nobel in broken English. The fact of the matter is that if this were true, I was using Nobel in 2014. In fact, I was a “Diamond Partner” and placed more Nobel implants than any single provider. You can see that here: CLICK HERE

The reason I switched to a new implant is in short “better performance” and a better long-term outcome for my patients. I know this because I have placed more implants and performed the “all-on-4” procedure thousands of times. I use what works best. More on this here: CLICK HERE

Next, you make some claim of using “poor quality” materials. I use the highest grade materials, from the world’s leading manufacturers, and all of my restorations are produced in my World-Class, State-of-the-Art milling centers. More on this here: CLICK HERE

In summary, when one analyzes this false review it becomes clear who the likely author really is. When I see the broken-English, and the fact that the entire review is one run-on sentence with all commas and one period, and the timing of the false complaint, it become obvious that this is an upset con-man from Cancun.

Here’s why; In November of 2016 I made a FaceBook post warning consumers about a Dentist who was making false claims. I was approached by this “Dentist” “a couple of years ago” as evidenced here: CLICK HERE

After he was rejected, this dentist went on to literally “steal” my website, as evidenced here: CLICK HERE

After seeing his false claims, and treating dozens of patients who had fallen victim to his bait and switch like this one: CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

I became fed-up and decided that it was in the consumers interest to see and hear the truth about this predator, as evidenced in the reviews found here: CLICK HERE

In closing, do your research. The internet is full of false reviews, both positive and negative. There are a lot of con-men out there who spend thousands of dollars (or millions of pesos) to circumvent the truth, that are beyond the control of U.S. law. More info here: CLICK HERE

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