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The History of the Golpa 4 Implant Solution



The History

The All-ON-4® Treatment Concept is a procedure for the total rehabilitation of the edentulous patient or for patients with badly broken down teeth, decayed teeth or compromised teeth due to gum disease, The concept was developed, institutionalized and systematically analyzed in the 1990’s by Portuguese Dentist Paulo Maló. It consists of the rehabilitation of the edentulous maxilla and mandible with fixed prosthesis by placing four implants in the anterior maxilla, where bone density is higher. The four implants support a fixed prosthesis with 12 to 14 teeth. In 2011, Nobel Biocare Services AG trademarked ALL-ON-4® in the United States.

The implants used for the ALL-ON-4® Treatment Concept, NobelActive were originally designed by AlphaBio Implant company in Isreal. Nobel Biocare Services AG subsequently brought AlphaBio.
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Today, Nobel Biocare Services AG is owned by corporate conglomerate; Danaher Corporation.
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Dr. Golpa was among the first Dentists in the U.S. to embrace the ALL-ON-4® Treatment Concept more than a decade ago, practice it routinely, and has performed every aspect of the procedure (planning, placement & delivery) more than 5000 times, and was taught the procedure first-hand by Dr. Malo himself*. Through his experience of performing this procedure thousands of times, he realized that improvements and modifications could be made that would benefit the Patient. One of these benefits is price. Because Dr. Golpa is always looking for way’s to benefit Patients, not Share Holders, he is always looking for innovative products at a fair market price. He found that implant manufacturer NeoDent made an implant that performed to his standards, and provided more value.

Therefore, we are no longer affiliated with Nobel Biocare, or their trademarked term “ALL-ON-4® Treatment Concept.

Rest assured, we are beholden to Patients, not Corporations. Dr. Golpa will continue to innovate and provide a procedure called the G4 Implant Solution. The Golpa G4 Implant Solution is the only protocol that will deliver a PERMANENT bridge in less than 24 hours!

“Whenever I embrace a project nothing can make me stop even if I have to move heaven and earth to obtain my goal. My motto, I tell it over and over again to whomever works beside me and whom I also consider as family: The work is never complete. Anything that one makes today can also be made tomorrow even better and with more quality.”
Paulo Malo

Teeth in a Day?


You have probably heard terms like “Teeth in a Day”, “New Teeth Now” etc., etc. They are all based on the decade old ALL-ON-4® Treatment Concept. In a nutshell, this is the use of immediate loading implants and a prosthetic of some fashion. The concept “Teeth in one Appointment” is misleading. Most people hear the term and think they can get teeth in one visit to the Dentist. This is not the case. Often times there may be as many as 5 prior visits to an office before any procedure is performed. If you leave with teeth on the 6th visit, well then, you got new “Teeth in one Appointment” (one of many, actually).

Visit 1– Depending on whether you are at an All-in-one facility, a Specialist or a general Dentist, your first visit will be to evaluate your situation, and your ability to pay. Whether any treatment planning will actually take place will probably depend on who will actually perform the surgery, how many Dentists will be involved, lab fees, whether the Dentist has a CT scan or not, and what they believe they can charge you. There are many variants as to what exactly may happen, but one thing for sure is you will not leave with new teeth!

Visit 2 – This visit could be for the try-in for a scanning jig, a surgical guide, or extractions. This can vary also, but generally this is the appointment you will accept treatment. It will be days’ to weeks following your first appointment if a scanning jig or surgical guide was ordered from a lab. It may be at the original office or clear across town. In rare cases this will be the appointment where impressions are taken to fabricate your new converted denture. Yes denture! 99% of practitioners that perform this procedure will use the converted denture technique. This is because they do not have the facilities to fabricate a hybrid bridge (more on this later). If they have an in-house lab it is simply a denture lab. They will fabricate a denture using denture teeth and acrylic, just as it has been done for 40+ years. One thing is for sure, you will not leave with new teeth.

Visit3 – This visit can vary drastically also depending on your circumstances. Could be more impressions, more planning, or if you’re lucky the actual surgery. Again this varies by the facility, the Dentist and/or Dentists etc

The Golpa Dental Implant Center

Dr. Golpa has been placing Dental Implants, with an industry leading success rate, for more than 2 decades. Dr. Golpa spent the first half of his career becoming the Premier Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas, developing a skilled eye and an artistic hand, Dr. Golpa has been able to create and perfect the most cutting-edge techniques. For the last 5 years Dr. Golpa has trained highly-skilled Doctor’s in his G4 Implant Solution protocol, and is now opening world-class clinic’s throughout the U.S.

World's Leading Dental Implant Facility

The Golpa G4 Implant Solution - Innovation. Evolved



The Golpa 4 Implant Solution provides a permanent, titanium re-enforced Bridge for the entire upper and/or lower set of teeth (arch), in just 1 visit. The procedure is best for patients in dentures, or with significant tooth loss or decay, and for people whose bone loss in the jaw area prevents them from getting traditional dental implants. The Golpa (G4)-Implant Solution consists in establishing a fully customized bridge based on, as few as, four titanium implants. The solution takes advantage of existing bone, even if scarce, avoiding having to use bone grafts. By following the 4 fundamental protocols (4p’s) of the G4 Implant Solution, we are able to provide Patients a permanent bridge with a titanium bar in just one visit. This allows Patients to enjoy the foods they love hours after surgery!


Using advanced technology including; ICat Ct scans, 3D facial scanners, Intra-oral Camera’s, advanced software, and talented Technicians, we are able to plan the ideal outcomes for our Patients.


Having an advanced milling center and dental lab within all of  our complexes. Our proprietary protocols, experience, expertise, and investment into the most advanced milling machines in the world, enables us to fabricate a titanium bar, and embed it into our, highly- aesthetic, custom-milled hybrid bridges in less than 4 hours..


Combining advanced implants and the experience that comes from performing this procedure more than 5000 times, and employing highly-skilled Doctor’s and staff, we are able to give Patients implants, even if they have told “no” by other Dentists.


The G4 Implant Solution is based on going “above & beyond” for patients. Patients from all around the world vist our world-class facilities. Our patient concierge service makes traveling to Las Vegas, or any of our facilities, for our 24 hour procedure convenient and worry-free. Our advanced procedure produces consistent, proven results for our 1000’s of happy Patients.

Advanced Restoration Options

Gone are the days of sacrificing top-tier beauty, precision, and price in order to gain the strength offered from full-contour Zirconia restorations.  We’d like to introduce you to the future of highly aesthetic Zirconia bridges, The Zirkonzahn Prettau bridge.  Prettau Zirconia is far more translucent than Zirconias of the past.  Combine this with staining techniques applied by world class dental technicians, and you’ll see a bridge the likes of which were unimaginable in regards to strength and aesthetics. By eliminating veneered porcelain, you are not only sure to avoid chipping, but also eliminating wear on opposing teeth.  Whether you opt for the Prettau bridge or our in-house milled PMMA/Titanium bridge, our experience allows for an even higher level of predictability for your restoration.  If you’re looking for strongest possible full arch restoration, without sacrificing the beauty you deserve, look no further than Golpa.


Advanced Dental Implants



A new idea, more effective device or process. Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements. With over 20 years of operation, Neodent provides quality solutions on implants, prosthetic components, instruments and services, increasing the reliability and durability of the treatment and reducing the risk to patients.
Neodent, in their quest for excellence, works with international standards and is compliant with FDA (Food and Drug Administration), (Conformité Européenne) and ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) regulations; in addition to the international ISO 13485 for the quality management systems requirements applicable to medical/dental products manufacturers.

The Neodent implant system offers a wide range of products designed to help clinicians deliver solutions to patients of all clinical needs and bone types.

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