The Golpa G4 Implant Solution provides a permanent, titanium re-enforced Bridge for the entire upper and/or lower set of teeth (arch), in just 1 visit. The procedure is best for patients in dentures, or with significant tooth loss or decay, and for people whose bone loss in the jaw area prevents them from getting traditional dental implants. The Golpa 4 Implant Solution consists in establishing a fully customized bridge based on, as few as, four titanium implants. The solution takes advantage of existing bone, even if scarce, avoiding having to use bone grafts. By following the 4 fundamental protocols (4p’s) of the G4 Implant Solution, we are able to provide Patients a permanent bridge with a titanium bar in just one visit. This allows Patients to enjoy the foods they love hours after surgery!



Using advanced technology including; ICat Ct scans, 3D facial scanners, Intra-oral Camera’s, advanced software, and talented Technicians, we are able to plan the ideal outcomes for our Patients.



The G4 Implant Solution is based on going “above & beyond” for patients. We have Patients from all around the world. Our patient concierge service makes traveling to any of our world-class facilities, for our 24 hour procedure convenient and worry-free. Our advanced procedure, developed by Dr Golpa, produces consistent, proven results for our 1000’s of happy Patients. At the Golpa Dental Implant Center’s, Patients are our priority!



Combining advanced implants and the experience that comes from performing this procedure more than 5000 times, we are able to give Patients implants, even if they have told “no” by other Dentists.



Having an advanced milling center and dental lab within all of our facilities. Our proprietary protocols, experience, expertise, and investment into the most advanced milling machines in the world, enables us to fabricate a titanium bar, and embed it into our, highly- aesthetic, custom-milled hybrid bridges in less than 4 hours. We deliver a Permanent bridge from day one!

Traditional Restorations vs. The G4 Implant Solution

The G4 Implant Solution is NOT Snap-In Dentures or Mini-Implants.

The G4 Implant Solution is the modern solution for all missing teeth. This solution replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge, no palate, no excess material, not removable, and supported by, as few as, 4 specialty dental implants, with the Implants placed at precise angles. This advanced procedure, reduces treatment time to 24 hours or less, and provides a PERMANENT solution from day 1. The unique G4 Implant Solution also ensures greater stability in the bone, reducing the need for bone graft surgery to increase bone volume. Your teeth will look, feel and are brushed much like natural teeth, and you can lead a normal life immediately after a 1 Day surgery.

Traditional Dentures
Snap-in Dentures
G4 Implant Solution
Traditional Implants
messy adhesives, bulky, removable, non-secure, bulky palate
bulky, removable, more secure, palate, puts stress on implants
permanently secured, no palate, not bulky, 90% chewing ability restored
most like natural teeth if done by experienced Dentist
multiple temporaries, multiple adjustments, 6-12 months for final
multiple temporaries, 6-12 months for final

Permanent Bridge in 1 Visit!

typically 1-2 year process, including sinus lifts and bone grafting
2-10 years and multiple relines
snaps need constant replacement, denture 2-10 years
increased risk of implant failure
$500 – $15,000 Per Arch
$2,000 – $20,000 Per Arch
from $36,500 Full Mouth
$65,000 – $120,000

Relative Chewing Capacities

Patients receive up to 90% of their chewing capacity with the G4 Implant Solution.

Golpa G4 Implant Solution: 90%
90% Complete
Snap-in | Implant Supported Denture: 60%
60% Complete
Traditional Dentures: 20%
20% Complete

All-on-Four Vs. Golpa G4 Implant Solution

U_l-c0OP7RFSmJWCDzH0eqlkEDgsHYWvFOiN-y_6QGs_7889383824_lYou have probably heard terms like “Teeth in a Day”, “New Teeth Now” etc., etc. They are all based on the decade old ALL-ON-4® Treatment Concept. In a nutshell, this is the use of immediate loading implants and a prosthetic of some fashion. The concept “Teeth in one Appointment” is misleading. Most people hear the term and think they can get teeth in one visit to the Dentist. This is not the case. Often times there may be as many as 5 prior visits to an office before any procedure is performed. If you leave with teeth on the 6th visit, well then, you got new “Teeth in one Appointment” (one of many, actually).

We have the experience & technology to provide a Custom-Milled, Permanently Fixed Bridge with Titanium Framework, in just 1 visit.

Referring Practice
Corporate Facility
G4 Implant Solution
Little Experience
multiple dentists
Most Experienced Dentist’s world-wide
3-10 visits to multiple offices
3-10 visits to one facility
1 visit – 1 facility
converted denture
converted denture
custom-milled hybrid bridge
permanent bridge in 6 – 24 months
permanent bridge in 6 -12 months
permanent bridge in 1 visit
no in-house lab – case outsourced
in-house denture lab
Advanced Milling Center & Lab
from $25,000 Per Arch
from $25,000 Per Arch
from $36,500 Full Mouth

The G4 Implant Solution has made significant changes to the All-on-4® Treatment Protocol

Teeth in a Day | All-on-4®

99% of practitioners that perform the Teeth-in-a-day® procedure, whether they call it ALL-ON-4® Treatment Concept, Permanent Dentures, Implant Dentures, etc, will use the converted denture technique. A denture that was made at one of several previous appointments is converted into a temporary denture at the time of implant surgery. They will fabricate this denture using denture teeth and acrylic. Often times the surgery, and the placement of your denture will happen at several offices. You will wear this denture for 6 months to 2 years. During this time you will return to the Dentist multiple times before you ever receive permanent teeth.

Teeth-in-a-Day Traditional Denture Lab

6 Months to 2 Years of Denture Teeth and Acrylic Bridges

The G4 Implant Solution®

The Golpa G4 Implant Solution is vastly improved. This revolutionary procedure provides a permanent, predictable, and customized solution in just 24 hours. Because of our proprietary protocols, experience, expertise, and investment into the most advanced milling machines in the world, we are able to fabricate your bar, and embed it into our custom-milled G4 Ultra® hybrid bridges in less than 4 hours. We have developed this level of technology and expertise for more than 2 decades. This allows us to give you a permanent bridge with a titanium bar in just one visit, and allows you to enjoy the foods you love immediately following surgery!

G4 Implant Solution Milling Center

Permanent Custom Milled Hybrid Bridge From Day 1

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